You Only Need A Towel To Get Toned Arms

For those of us who are easing into going back to the gym, but still want to get our workout in, it can be hard to feel the burn without some of our favorite machines. Founder of Speir Pilates, Andrea Speir, shared her secret to a good home workout that’s sure to help tone your arms and shoulders--all you need is a hand towel!

Spier says that you don’t need high-price workout equipment to get in a good workout, because using your own bodyweight is effective for both chiseling your upper body muscles and strength. Moving your body at different angles with a hand towel allows you to focus on specific areas including your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back.


-1 small hand towel -1 slider or paper plate (for carpet)


1.Warm up with 5 minutes of cardio that involves the use of your arms (jumping jacks, arm circles) 2.Complete 3 reps of the exercises below, with one minute of rest in between. -Sliding press out: 30 seconds each side -Side-sweep: 30 seconds each leg -Lateral pulldown: 8 reps