'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot Is About To Be A Wonder Mom Of Two!

Gal Gadot will be celebrating more than just the premier of Wonder Woman in 2017. She will also be celebrating baby number two!

The breakout actress turned many heads for her role of "Wonder Woman" in the film Batman Vs. Superman and was even rewarded with her very own spinoff movie! Gadot has said that she hopes to instill the boss-lady qualities of Wonder Woman in her four-year-old daughter, Alma.

Along with anticipating the release of Wonder Woman, Gal and her husband Yaron will be anticipating the arrival of their second child. Gadot posted a beautiful announcement to Instagram with a caption that reads, "So excited to share this wonder with you...#mommyforthesecondtime."


Gal and her husband are excited to grow their beautiful family and to have another child to instill boss-lady (or boss-man) qualities in!

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