Watch Cameron Diaz Beautifully Define The Meaning Of True Happiness

Happiness is something that people can search their entire lives for but never find. True joy lies within you, not material things, movies, parties, or red carpet events.

Actress Cameron Diaz took to Facebook this week to spread her view on happiness and to explain how glam and fame don’t always make your life complete.

Behind a simple black background, the A-list celebrity looked into a camera and said, “Fame does not define me.” She made this video after searching for her true definition of happiness in a film called HUMAN. The movie gathers a series of interviews with people as they discuss the reality behind human emotion.

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The actress’s testimony comes directly from her gut. There’s no script in this video as she expresses her feeling that “fulfillment comes within you being authentic to yourself.” She explains that anytime someone tells her they want to be an actor she responds with a simple question, “why?” Cameron is searching for the authentic answer instead of a misunderstood need to be famous. Her testament to finding joy is human and something that can certainly impact those who look up to her.

Take a look at the full video and share it with your friends so you can see how even Hollywood stars can be real and attest to the nature of true happiness.