U.S. Company Provides Affordable and Reliable KN-95 Face Masks

We all know wearing a face mask on our daily errands can be a nuisance. It’s hard finding the right mask that not only fits, but is comfortable to wear. However annoying it can be to wear, it is so essential right now in the fight against COVID-19.

Right now, wearing a face mask in public is one of the easiest ways to personally contribute to flattening the curve. There is also a lot of debate about which face mask to use--N95 versus KN95. Under FDA guidelines, N95 are considered medical grade masks and KN95 are FDA approved for daily use, though not necessarily medical grade. Hope Health Supply has an amazing stock of KN-95 masks that are perfect for your family’s everyday needs.

Hope Health Supply KN95 face masks are comfortable and affordable. They offer their reliable KN95 face masks in a variety of quantities to suit your personal needs. They even offer a discounted monthly subscription for busy folks who need a dependable service to ensure their family’s health. The KN95 is a comfortable face mask that fits securely around the nose and mouth, and loops around the ears for a snug fit. Head over to Hope Health Supply today to place your first order.