This Woman Celebrated Her Job Offer With A Romantic Photo Shoot That's Absolutely Hilarious

Ladies, gents, and recruiters, step aside. Because after a long seven months, this woman found love in a hopeless place. With who? It's more like with what - her dream job. And between the gaze of adoration and smile you can see in her eyes as she cuddles with her soulmate, this love story is one we all hope to have and to hold someday.

Job Offer - Bed

Job hunting just isn't as easy as swiping through photos on Tinder. So when 37-year-old Long Beach, California girl Benita Abraham finally landed a position after being unemployed for seven months, she decided to share the happy news and poke a bit of fun at all those cliche engagement photos filling up your newsfeed by creating her own special photo shoot with her job offer.

Job Offer - Beach

"I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match, my boo... I found the perfect job with a company that truly cares about its employees and one I will learn so much from," she said.

She even detailed her love story while celebrating the special occasion during a blissful date on the beach.

Job Offer - Love Story

And just like a bride-to-be needs to ask her gal pals to stand by her side on her big day, Abraham popped the question to someone she can't go a day without talking to - her carpool bestie.

It's the love one has about going to work that people wish they had and are just as happy if others do.

"I received a lot of comments from women just saying, 'This is awesome,' and 'It’s about time we celebrated our career accomplishments, as well as our personal,'" Benita said. "I love to hear that kind of stuff."

So far, the two seem inseparable. Abraham told ABC News that her first day on the job was "amazing." "I learned so much, and it was just a half day," she said.

We have no doubt that the home and financial stability the lucky gal's new partner will bring her will last a lifetime.