This Teen Is The Beauty Role Model We Always Wanted

Willow Smith has come a long way from whipping her hair back and forth. The 15-year-old is stealing the spotlight from her famous parents for an incredible opportunity to be Chanel's brand ambassador.

She may have ditched the long braids, but Willow's style is an incredibly unique take on trendy fits, bold prints, and classic chicness.


But Willow is more than a stylish teen modeling clothes. She's worldly and confident in a way any woman, of any age, would want to be.


Sure, she's rocked a few piercings, dye jobs, and haircuts that we might not all be able to pull off with the same flawless swagger, but her courage to try new things and be herself is truly empowering!


Even if you're not planning to deck yourself out in Chanel head to toe, share if Willow will be inspiring your spring wardrobe!