This Teen Ballerina Shows That All Body Types Are Beautiful In Dance

Over the past two months, a teen ballerina named Lizzy Howell has gained a lot of admirers -- 40,000 to be exact! Why? Because she is changing how people think when it comes to dancers and their bodies.

The 15-year-old girl recently shared a video of her dancing in her ballet class, but compared to the other girls in her class, people would consider Lizzy to be "plus-size." However, she is choosing not to adhere to that description.

Howell feels it's important to focus on her love of dance instead of her body size. Her passion for ballet proves that any person of any size can do what they put their mind to.

"If I can do everything that anyone else can, why should I be in a separate category?" Howell said referring to the "plus-size" label. "I'm very happy that someone has discovered me. It's a whole new thing for people where I live."

Lizzy suffers from a condition called pseudotumor cerebri, which causes pressure increases in her skull for no reason. Although Lizzy has much to overcome in her life, she is happy her Instagram post went viral. Not only does she get to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to follow their dreams, but she is also raising awareness for the condition she fights each day.

Lizzy isn't the only one changing the beauty standards of the world. See what Lizzie Velasquez is doing to change how people see "pretty."