This Survivor Inspires TRUE Beauty

Shalom Nchom is more than just a pretty face. The 20-year-old woman is a makeup artist from Nigeria who now lives in Maryland. Her infatuation with makeup will inspire you to love the skin you're in.

At the age of 9, Shalom had a tragic accident. Her face was severely burned by frying oil at her family's store.

Untitled-1In middle school and high school, the bullying and harsh remarks seemed endless. At first, she lashed out at people negatively, but her real struggle was the sadness and loneliness she felt.

The time to herself inspired her to learn the art of makeup to help her feel comfortable in her own skin. Now, she channels her energy and passion towards not only her career but sharing her story with other girls who may feel the same as she once did.


“You should love yourself either way—makeup or no makeup,” Shalom says in one of her tutorial videos. “Makeup is not the reason why I am happy. I’m happy because I love myself.”


You can find Shalom on YouTube as "Shalom Blac," and subscribe to her channel to learn more about makeup and her mission to inspire fellow women to love who they are from the inside out.

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