This Artist's Incredible Music Is Truly Inspiring!

We can't wait around for other people to change the world--that's the powerful statement behind M.I.A.'s collaboration with H&M.

The 40-year-old rapper paired with the retailer to produce a song called "Rewear It." A song that advocates recycling in fashion and using environmentally-friendly fabrics in clothing.

At the end of the incredibly catchy hip hop song, a powerful message in black and white telling customers to leave their unwanted clothing in any of H&M's 3600 stores worldwide so the fabrics can be reused.

M.I.A.'s pair-up with the fast fashion retailer is a fresh take on what it means to be a trendsetter.

"... the change has to start somewhere, and I think if they can slowly get around to it, you've got to give them a gold star and a pat on the back, and you've got to be encouraging," she says.

The video comes as part of H&M's World Recycling Week initiative starting on April 18.

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