The Tricky Reason Oranges Come In Red Bags

Have you ever thought about the sly marketing that goes on in the produce section? Every time we shop for our favorite fruits and veggies, there are very deliberate ways in which these foods are marketed and presented to us.

For example, when oranges aren’t sold loose on shelves, they almost always come in red mesh bags. Though this detail seems innocuous, it is actually a very carefully planned marketing ploy. The red mesh against the color of the oranges make the fruit pop, thus making them more appealing to shoppers. The pattern and color of the bag makes your brain think that the oranges are actually more orange than they are. This leads consumers to believe that the fruit is fresher and of a higher quality than other oranges.

For lemons and limes, they are most often packaged in green mesh bags to help the color of the rinds to stand out. If lemons were packaged in a red bag, it would actually make our brains believe that the fruit looked more orange than yellow.

Next time you got to your local grocery store, see if you can spot all the tricky marketing choices. Other examples to look out for are the products that are closer to the register and more likely to be cheaper and better impulse buys and items at eye level will be more expensive than the items below it.