These 48 Things Every Man Hears In His Life Are Infuriating And Heartbreaking For Everyone Involved

It's easy to hear the word "sexist" and immediately think of the way men talk to (and about) women, but the bigger problem brewing is more about the way men and women talk to each other.

Our society's views of masculinity and femininity often feel so narrow it's difficult for us to understand what we can, or cannot, do in order to feel "normal" among our peers. What's more, the subliminal messages start at a young age, and are thrown at us without a second thought.

So, just like little girls will never stop hearing this:

Little boys are doomed to hear this:

The same culture that tells women what they wear defines their femininity and beauty, is tell guys the same thing regarding their masculinity. Take a peak at the video and tell us what you think!