The One Food You Should Never Eat Before Working Out

You already know you it’s important to fuel your body before a tough workout, but noshing on the wrong snack could be just as likely to sabotage you as hitting the gym on an empty stomach. Good news is there’s only one food you should avoid at all costs: Beans. The starchy compounds, stachyose and raffinose, don’t digest completely in the small intestine, which often causes bloating and gas—two things you definitely don’t want when you’re rocking stretchy pants.

No brainer? Sure, a Chipotle burrito packed with pintos seems pretty obvious, but beans and legumes can also be found in a variety of protein-rich snacks most of us would reach for without a second glance at the nutrition facts. Here are a few places you may not have realized the musical fruit lives:


Mashed up chickpeas are in fact a variety of bean, and much like their relatives, these tiny suckers will send your stomach into knots if you nosh too close to your workout.

Protein Bars

Scan the ingredients list. See “soy protein isolate” anywhere in there? Soybeans are often morphed into hybrid ingredients like protein isolate to ramp up the protein in veggie-friendly products.

Protein Shakes

See above. Take note of the ingredients list on your shake as well—if soy is pops up toward the top of the list, your shake is probably packed with these little suckers.

Trail Mix

Sure, it’s portable, mess-free and super delicious to munch on as you stroll into the gym, but snag a bag that contains peanuts and your gut is heading straight to the danger zone. The fiber-rich mix take longer to digest, which can irritate your stomach if you’re jumping around the gym. Stick with foods that contain 4 grams of fiber or less.