The Ideal Time to Practice Yoga

There are a lot of myths surrounding when the best time of day to do yoga is. The honest answer is any time that works for you! The key to accessing the many benefits that yoga provides is consistent practice over time, rather than focusing on a specific time to practice. It’s important to find a routine that fits your lifestyle and schedule. This may change as your life changes. Don’t worry if you practiced yoga in the morning for years, and suddenly it is more convenient to do yoga at night. As long as you are consistent in practice, you will still unlock the many benefits.

Morning Traditions

There are some traditions of yoga, however, that advocate practicing in the mornings. The Ashtanga system of Pattabhi Jois recommends doing yoga asanas very early in the morning, ideally before the sun rises. Many Ashtanga practitioners stick to this routine, particularly when Mysore classes are offered.

In Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar recommends that doing yoga in the early morning or late in the evening can have significant advantages. “Practice in the morning makes one work better at one’s vocation. In the evening it removes the fatigue of the day’s strain and makes one fresh and calm.” Iyengar did make certain that the bowels should be cleared before practicing asana.

Early morning practices are compatible with an empty and starting your day off on the right foot. Though it may not be the ideal time for busy people who have an early start to the day. Though that should not stop you from practicing.

Most yoga studios offer later classes during lunch and in the evening to help accommodate practitioners. Try noticing how different poses make you feel during different times throughout the day. Morning asanas might mean more energy, but stiffer bodies. While evening asanas may bring more limber bodies, but less energy.

At-Home Yoga

Finding the ideal time for you to practice yoga is important for establishing at-home practice. A morning routine can help ease your mind and set the pace for the day, while an evening routine can help unwind and decompress from your day. Starting a routine will help you create a routine that is purely for yoga. Yoga time can help pave the road to a better you.