The Dixie Chicks And Beyoncé Performed The Greatest Duet Ever!

Leave it Beyoncé to steal the show at the CMA Awards!

On Wednesday afternoon, news hit the airwaves that the Dixie Chicks would be performing at the award show and would be joined by Queen Bey herself.

Beyoncé's song "Daddy Lessons" is country-inspired, and although some fans were disgruntled by the duet, the R&B superstar, and the country ladies gave a performance of a lifetime.

"Ok! I can finally talk about one of the greatest weeks of my life!" Natalie Maines tweeted. "Thank you, Beyoncé! You slay. All day!"

Natalie swore she'd never perform at the CMA's again "as long as she lived," but then came Beyoncé.

Check out their electrifying performance HERE and SHARE if you think they're an awesome collaboration!