The Crazy-Unique Way This Fashion Label Is Using Pineapples Is Pure Genius!

Being vegan and loving fashion can be frustrating at times. I mean, there's not many shoes that are 100 percent cruelty-free or have escaped the manual labor of a sweat shop. But there is hope for animal-loving, earth-friendly fashionistas--and no there is no burlap involved!

The solution? Pineapples.

That's right, these awesome accessories are made entirely our of tropical fruit.

The durable, biodegradable, fashion-forward faux-leather is created by processing pineapple leaves.

The mastermind behind this creative couture is Carmen Hijosa, who was inspired by a trip to the Philippines. Once Hijosa witnessed the inside of leather tanneries, she decided there needed to be an alternative way to pursue luxe looking fashion without so much harm. From there, Pinatex was born....


Each accessory is created without exploiting our animal counterparts and is designed to be composted when it's time to big adieu to last year's fashion. The leaves used in the products are able to be used as fertilizer for next year's crop of gotta-have-it items.

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