The 10 Commandments For Washing Denim

If you just dropped half your paycheck on premium denim, don't throw your money in the washing machine! There's a few rules the fashion gods have set before us before us to ensure we don't commit the ultimate sin... or lose the shape and color we just spent a small fortune on.

Thou Shalt Not Wash After Wearing

You only need to wash your blue jeans every other month. Most fabric blends contain enough Lycra to hold their shape, but tossing them in with detergent will cause their color to fade--and fast!

Thou Shalt Remember To Give Jeans Breathing Room

Since you're not washing as much, you'll need to give you jeans a little hang time to stay fresh. Hanging them outside the shower will allow the the steam kill off any unpleasant odors.

Thou Shalt Always Use Cold Water

See the tag on your jeans for temperature instructions. Most will recommend you keep 'em chilly to keep the color intact.

Thou Shalt Flip Inside Out

To keep the color on your jeans, and not on everything else in the wash, flip those puppies inside out.

Thou Shalt Not Always Wash With Like Colors

Even when you turn your jeans inside out, there's still a chance the denim will bleed. Avoid the embarrassment of wearing a once white, now light blue, shirt by separating whites from darks.

Thou Shalt Splurge On Detergent

Jeans are like a high-maintenance girlfriend. Treat her to what she deserves.

Thou Shalt Never Overload The Washer

It's great you're trying to be eco-friendly and all, but over-stuffing the washer will cause the stitching to break down and zippers to snag.

Thou Shalt Never Use A Dryer

Once your denim is done in the washer, lay it out flat to dry or hang from a hook. Tossing jeans in the dryer will make for uneven shrinkage--which is just as unappealing as it sounds.

Thou Shalt Avoid The Dry Cleaner At All Costs

Beside being expensive, dry cleaning will break down the fibers and wear off the pre-wash coatings.

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Care Instructions

Unlike the legit commandments, there's a little wiggle room in these rules. Read all the labels on your premium pants before pulling a Hail Mary on your washing routine.