Study Shows Millennials Are Not Handy Around the House

According to a new poll, a large majority of millennials do not feel confident that they can handle DIY tasks, such as hanging up a frame or changing a light bulb.

The poll surveyed 2,000 adults and found that putting up wallpaper, bleeding a radiator, and painting walls were among common household DIY tasks that adults aged 25 to 34 years old did not feel comfortable tackling.

Some adults surveyed that they even confessed to having ignored a dead lightbulb for several weeks before asking someone else to change it for them.

Out of those surveyed, 13% said that their DIY abilities were poor, while less than 25% rated their skills as good.

The poll stated that of those surveyed, 25% of participants said they felt someone else could do a better job. About 10% of participants said they have sought help due impatience, while 14% said they simply did not have time to do it themselves.

Roughly 20% responded that they would ask their father to help, while 16% said they would ask their mother or brother.

An astounding 87% reported they have Googled further help for DIY projects. Though ultimately, 41% responded that they would rather hire a tradesperson to fix the issue. Millennials have spent roughly $350 a year in hiring a tradesperson to fix something in their homes.

About 33% of participants admitted they have not hired a tradesperson because of a “cheap” looking website. Similarly, 40% said they would not book a tradesperson if their website did not function correctly.

Facebook was the most popular website in sourcing tradespeople, according to 30% of respondents.

Only 37% of millennials reported that they had a regular plumber they used, while 42% reported that they have a regular electrician they use.