Here's Why Salons Might Reopen Without Hair Dryers

If you are lucky enough to live in a state that is slowly beginning to reopen “close-contact” businesses, chances are your hair appointment is already booked. There are a few things that you need prepare for in this post-coronavirus world and there are of course going to be longer wait times for appointments. You’ll likely be required to wear a mask throughout the duration of the appointment, but the biggest difference is you probably won't be getting a blow out after your haircut.

“For sanitation purposes, it’s not yet clear if blow dryers can or cannot be used at salons,” New York City hairstylist Devin Toth said. “It’s very state-by-state, salon-by-salon, but many stylists aren’t for now. There is speculation that they could potentially blow airborne COVID-19 droplets around the shared space. Even if salons can have blow dryers running, it’s not likely that they will have 10m of them running at the same time. For now, people will try to limit the usage.”

Most high-end salons offer blow out services separately from their regular haircuts. This new speculation could mean that they will insist their clients skip the blow drying step. Toth said it is likely that hair dryer usage will be designated for clients who need to see how a color treated spot turns out.

“For the salons that don’t use blow dryers, clients will most likely be asked to come in with clean, dry hair. The stylist will cut their hair dry and use hot tools to finish the look. My guess is that you would either come into the salon, have it flat-ironed and then cut, leaving with straight hair, or you would come into the salon, have your naturally dried hair cut, and then have it curled before you leave.”

Another option would be for clients to come in with wet hair and leave with it towel-dried or air-dried.

“In the summer, clients leave the salon with air-dried hair all the time anyway because they want an effortless style that enhances their natural wave.”

At this point, only time will tell what the fate of hair dryers and blow out bars is. Until then, “You probably won’t be seeing people walking around with bouncy, round-brushed blowouts. Luckily, that hair trend was sort of phasing out anyway.”