Rihanna Is Courageously Speaking Out Against The Muslim Ban

Celebrities all over the world have been using their social platforms to raise awareness regarding some serious socio-political issues. They're out on the streets protesting with the rest of us because being a celebrity doesn't mean you're immune to the controversies going on around you.

Rihanna recently took to Twitter to express her sadness and heartache over the Muslim ban imposed by the Trump Administration. "Disgusted! The news is devastating!" she wrote. "America is being ruined right before our eyes!"


Some people would argue it doesn't matter what you post on the internet -- it's about how you act. Rihanna is outspoken on the internet, yes, but she is also an activist. She marched alongside celebrities and everyday people at the Women's March and even visited Mchingi, Northern Malawi this month as the Global Ambassador for the Education Clara Lione Foundation.


The "Work" singer seems to have a presence about her and when she speaks people listen, but she's not alone in her activism -- female celebrities are loud and proud!