Photographer Recreates Nature Shots Inside

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our way of life, the way we work, and the ways we relax. It’s also given quite a few of us the time to try out new hobbies and get back into old ones.

For creatives, the stay-at-home orders can be a blessing in disguise to revisit and practice different forms of art.

“Erin Outdoors,” A.K.A. Erin Sullivan, is a travel writer and photographer who aims to “communicate the wonder of this Earth and to inspire connection so that ultimately, we might take our as stewards a bit more thoughtfully.”

In her career as a nature guide, she has learned how to problem solve on the spot, even in challenging situations.

Given these circumstances, she has found a creative way to continue making art under quarantine. She has recreated the beauty and majesty of nature using only household items like food, bed sheets, and a cleverly placed paper bag.

“As a travel photographer, I spend a lot of my time outdoors and photographing interesting places around the world. When our stay at home order went into effect last month, I wanted to challenge myself to stay creative in my craft without leaving my house,” she said.

The results are breathtaking.

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Welcome to Broccoli Forest. 🥦 A whoooole forest in my own apartment, who knew?! Apparently there’s great birdwatching here (as you can see, my friend brought binoculars). 😂 ✧ Originally my idea for this series was solely to do landscapes made from objects in my home. I’ve always loved using abstraction in my art, and thought this would be an interesting challenge given the context. I then thought it would be good to add tiny figures to give a sense of some scale. From there I found a ton of incredible creators out there making amazing miniature worlds. @tanaka_tatsuya is a favorite of mine. ✧ These images were created with broccoli, a bamboo plate, a sweatshirt, a pillowcase & a little train model figure. If you are making/photographing something inside that is outdoors-inspired, share using the hashtag #OurGreatIndoors so we can see how far and wide our community’s creativity stretches. 🌿 ✧ #ErinsGreatIndoors • #OurGreatIndoors

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The beauty of the ✨Glowing Gore-Tex Cave✨ ✧ Yesterday this idea was nagging at me all afternoon. I believe that ideas come from somewhere beyond us. When they ask you to pay attention to them, I’ve found that it is best to listen! I heard “create a glow worm cave tonight”… and so… here we are. Is it creativity or just quarantine? Gotta say I believe it’s the creativity. ✧ The set-up for this is tin-foil on a cutting board, 2 books with rain jackets draped over them, paper with holes poked in it, a smart lightbulb set to teal behind that, train figures, and the rock they are standing on is a hunk of rose quartz. Inspired by how it feels to be in a glow worm cave in New Zealand. ✧ Got an idea relentlessly poking at you? That idea wants to be out in the world. Put it into action 🐛 #ErinsGreatIndoors #OurGreatIndoors

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