Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Wrote A Memoir To Inspire All To Follow Their Dreams!

The Rio Olympics had a lot of action and excitement, but it goes without saying that the "Fabulous Five" gymnasts stole the show.

Laurie Hernandez, the 16-year-old gymnast who famously mouthed, "I got this" during her beam routine, will be releasing a memoir this January. Hernandez hopes the book will inspire her fans to never give up on their dreams.

The book will follow Hernandez through her journey of becoming an Olympic gold medalist. “I hope I can help inspire people to go for their dreams,” Hernandez said. “People have seen me at my best, but I don’t think most of them know everything that it took to get me to where I am today.”

At 16-years-old, Laurie Hernandez has the kind of wisdom most people don't come across in a lifetime. Her book, I Got This: To Gold and Beyond will hit shelves January 24th, so be sure to get your copy!

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