Octavia Spencer Says It's Time We See More Body Diversity In Film

It's without a doubt that there is a stigma against those with fuller figures in Hollywood, and actress Octavia Spencer is speaking out against it.

Spencer has been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the film Hidden Figures, which is about three African American women who helped NASA create its space program. She has even acted as an advocate by buying out screenings of the film for those who cannot afford tickets.

Octavia Spencer Hidden Figures Movie Film Body Positive

Along with being an overall amazing person, Octavia is speaking out about the importance of telling diverse stories in films. During a question and answer session after accepting the Hasty Pudding Theatrical's Woman of the Year award, Spencer revealed that she prefers being on the other side of the camera.

"My dream role is that of a producer, a woman behind the scenes who creates roles for diversity in film," she said. "And when I say diversity, I mean I want to see women of all shapes and sizes, people of all shapes and sizes, people with disabilities. It's about creating a landscape that demonstrates what our society is as a whole."

As an African American female, Octavia feels it is her responsibility to promote diversity. "It's my job to make sure I voice those opinions," she said. "And women also have to ask for what they want. Sometimes they're going to say no, but all we need is one yes."

Her influence is exactly what Hollywood needs, and we hope that sooner than later Octavia gets the "yes" our society requires.