Nicki Minaj Meets Her Idol Lauryn Hill And Nearly Loses Her Mind!

It's not everyday you get to meet your musical hero, but the natural reaction is to completely lose your mind. Celebrities are just like us in that sense, and Nicki Minaj totally fan-girled over meeting Lauryn Hill.

While Minaj was backstage at the Tidal concert on Sunday, the rapper accidentally ran into Lauryn Hill, who Minaj has said is one of her biggest inspirations in the music industry.

In a video posted to the "Anaconda" rapper's Instagram, Minaj drops to her knees in awe of Lauryn Hill, completely losing her composure like any normal fan would do.

To Nicki's surprise, Lauryn is also a fan of hers! Hill reportedly told Nicki to "keep spittin' that fire."

Lauryn Hill, you better believe Nicki will keep spitting that fire, especially now that you told her to!

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