Meet The Couple Who Defines Relationship Goals By Using Each Other As Gym Equipment

When you're lacking motivation to get those last five push-ups in, go out and find yourself a muscle man with a heart of gold and buns of steel.

Swedish fitness superstars Daniel Flefil and Malin Jansson are breaking the Internet for combining their love for each other and passion for fitness by using each other's body and strength as an alternative to traditional gym equipment.

"We both were always interested in fitness," 22-year-old Flefil told PEOPLE. "We push each other to do more and become more than we were yesterday. We're always trying to go out of our comfort zones."

The eye-catching duo even posts videos of their own workouts on social media in hopes of inspiring other couples to take on equally motivating partner workouts. At the very least, they'll probably make you want to steer clear of the ice cream aisle.

And that, ladies, is the definition of both #couplegoals and #bodygoals.