Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Relationship Goals

Jennifer Aniston has had her fair share of heartache, but it seems as though she has finally found true love with her husband Justin Theroux.

The superstar couple hasn't seen much of each other lately because of Theroux's work commitment in Germany, but that doesn't mean he can't surprise his leading lady for the holidays!

Justin and Jennifer typically host a "Fakesgiving" the night before Thanksgiving for all of their friends and family to attend, however, Justin wasn't supposed to be in attendance.

"Everyone came to the house, and no one understood that Justin wasn't going to be there," Aniston told Ellen DeGeneres. "Next thing you know, the turkey walks in, and there was another turkey holding that turkey, and that was my hubby."

The couple has said the key to making it work is appreciating each others' sense of humor and respecting one another, but now we can add holiday surprises to the list!

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