How To Shuck An Oyster Using Everyday Tools

You bought oysters for a romantic meal at home... but wait, how are you supposed to eat these things?! If you're short on a shucking knife to open the shell like a pro, grab a flat head screwdriver and we'll show you the ropes.

Grab A Flathead Screwdriver

This is what we'll use to pop the oyster shell open.

Have A Sharp Kitchen Knife Nearby

This will help you remove the oyster muscle from the shell once the oyster is open.

Place Your Oyster Over A Kitchen Cloth

You'll need the cloth later to guard your hand while shucking.

This Is "The Hinch" Of The Oyster Shell

This lower point of the shell is the spot where you'll stick your screwdriver.

This Is Where Muscles Are Attached To The Shell

Once the shell is open, this is the meaty part of the oyster that you'll remove for eating.

Use The Cup Shape To Position Your Oyster

If you're right-handed you'll want the hinge to be on your right side.

Fold The Left Side Of Your Towel Over The Oyster Shell

This fold should provide padding for your hand to securely hold the top of the shell.

Grip The Top Of Your Towel And Oyster Like So

This should give you a firm hold on the top of the oyster shell.

Stick The Head Of The Screwdriver In The Oyster's Hinge

With the head of flat, insert your screwdriver into the hinge just enough that you can wiggle the screwdriver side to side. Wiggle back and forth till you start to feel the shell separating.

Turn The Screwdriver's Flat Head Vertical

This should pop the shell right open.

Slide Your Kitchen Knife Between The Opening To Remove The Top From The Bottom

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.35.48 PM

Keep a grip on the top of your oyster and towel to protect your fingers!

Remove The Top Part Of The Shell

Once you separate the shell, use your kitchen knife to flick away any extra bits of shell that break off in the process.

This Point Is Where You'll Slide Your Kitchen Knife

Point-to-slideSlide the blade of your knife in at this point and work your way around the muscle.

Flip The Muscle Over And Viola!


Now, you have a beautifully shucked oyster!