How To Eat Like A Food Critic And Rock A Killer Body!

A slice of pizza here, a chocolate bar there - we all succumb to our cravings every now and then. It's when you overindulge on sweet treats and salty snacks you'll find yourself running head first into health-related problems.

Now, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to snacks that you really enjoy, but practicing mindful eating will help you to curb cravings before they happen and be more conscious of what you're actually putting into your body.

Choose A Favorite


The first step to mindful eating is to pick out your favorite food or a food that you eat most often.

Sense Your Food

Woman holding an orange

Take notice of how your food looks - the texture, the smell, and the appearance. Recognize the sensations and feelings that happen in your mouth and in your stomach.

Feel Before You Chew


After your first bite, but before you start chewing, carefully think about the taste of food in your mouth.

Go Slow


Focus on how the taste and texture change as you start to chew your food.



Notice the urge to swallow before you finish chewing. Once you swallow, observe the sensation you feel as the food travels down to your stomach.

Thank Your Food


Be grateful for what you are eating. If it was prepared for you, be thankful for those who made it and where it came from.

Put Your Fork Down


By putting your fork down between bites, you will be more conscious of how much and how fast you're eating.

Take 30 Minutes To Eat Meals


Eating slowly gives your body time to process leptin, which transmits the feeling of being full to your brain.

If You're Hungry, Eat!


Don't deprive yourself if you're hungry. Eating when you feel the first hunger pain will lessen the chance of cravings later on.

Focus On Eating


Don't do any activity while you're eating. This includes watching television, working, or talking. When your meal is your primary focus, you'll be more conscious of what you're consuming.