How to Decide Between Made-to-Measure and Custom Made Suite

It’s good to go for a new suit every couple of years--for a wedding, a new power suit to wear to the office, or a custom-made shirt, here’s what to know before you head to the tailor. “Made-to-measure or custom?” Our experts at Alan David Custom in New York City are here to help guide you in the right direction.

Made-to-Measure Suits

For a made-to-measure garment, tailors will take an existing pattern and modify it to your own measurements. Made-to-measure is helpful if your body proportions are mostly normal; there is only so much you can modify an existing pattern before it loses its shape. A made-to-measure pattern is designed for average builds and modified to fit you exact measurements. If you do not need extensive alterations, and using a tailor for styling purposes, this process is more cost-effective and faster.

Full Custom Suits

With a custom suit, the tailor makes a specific pattern for you. A full custom suit covers every base, and takes into account different body shapes, muscle mass, body posture, and other differences a made-to-measure suit cannot. Custom suits specializes in fit. If you have trouble fitting into average built suits, this is the route you should take.

How to be sure your tailor does full custom suits

Every tailor in the industry claims they can make custom suits. There are two simple ways to tell the truth:

Do a price check. A custom suit requires making a pattern from scratch and is time consuming. Anything priced under $1,000 will likely be made-to-measure. More importantly, ask your tailor to show you other patterns they have created for their other clients. If they cannot show you a pattern, then they do not actually create custom suits.