He's Your Friend And Your Bodyguard - He's Your Older Brother

If you have older brothers, then you know that they can be royal pains! They pride themselves on being able to get under your skin, but deep-down you know they have hearts of gold. Here are all the reasons to be thankful for growing up with the ultimate "arch nemesis," your older brother.

He Showed You How You Should Be Treated

1Only he can pick on you, and he will make anyone who crosses that line aware of that!

He Knows What Questions To Ask Your Boyfriends

6"What are your intentions with my sister?" "Do you have a steady income?" "Have you cheated on anyone before?" are all questions that make your boyfriends cringe.

He Taught You To Defend Yourself

brother and sister fightingThe first punch you ever threw was at your older brother, and ever since then defending yourself has become second nature.

You Learned That Boys Are Gross At A Very Young Age

8So when you eventually move in with the man of your dreams, you won't be grossed out by his bodily functions.

You Know Your Stuff When It Comes To Sports

9You're a female sports fan, which makes talking to the opposite gender that much easier. Not to mention you're always up to play a game of football with your brother and his friends!

You Have The Most Comfortable Hand-Me-Downs

10Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and oversized T-shirts make for the most comfortable lounge clothes.

He Will Never Let You Leave The House Looking Like A Mess

11If your shirt is too short, pants are too tight, or makeup is way too much, he will let you know.

You Know The Real Meaning Of A Love/Hate Relationship

12He gets under your skin like nobody can, but at the end of the day you know he means well.

He Taught You How To Eat Healthy

16Because seeing him in agony after eating McDonald's helped you to stay away from fast food.

He Taught You How To Let Things Go

A3RFKEHaving an older brother means countless arguments and fights, but he's your brother and loves you, so a fight never lasts longer than a day.

He Helped You To Be Strong

17Figuratively and literally. He never sugarcoated situations for you, which at times made you cry. But it helped you to become the strong woman you are now.

He Showed You How To Have A Competitive Edge


Growing up with an older brother means always having to compete for things. This has taught you how to get ahead in your adult life and career.

You Do Not Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve

2When you felt like crying your brother was there to snap you out of it. It is better to move on than to dwell on things you cannot change!

He Is Your Personal Bodyguard No Matter How Old You Get

20If someone breaks your heart, is mean to you, or makes you cry, you know you can call your brother. He will be there in no time to teach them a lesson!

He Looks To You For Fashion Advice

24Even though you're the younger sister, it's nice to feel needed by your older brother!

He Already Broke Your Parents In

22Whatever you do will never compare to what your older brother has already done, so you can thank him for your parents being lenient with you!

He Will Help You Financially If You Need It

200405397-001Older brothers love to parent their younger sisters, so if you're in a bind you know you can always count on him if you need it.

He Taught You To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

25If you trip and fall in public it should not result in tears (unless you are seriously injured). He taught you to laugh at yourself and move on.

He Has The Best Shoulder To Cry On

26He knows you can't be strong all the time, and when you need to cry he will always be there to listen or offer advice.

You Know Just How A Boy's Mind Operates

27Growing up with an older brother has helped you to understand the mind's of boys, which has helped you in your relationships as an adult.

You Are Far From High Maintenance

28You knew that if you weren't ready at 12pm sharp that they were leaving without you, so you learned to get yourself ready in record time.

If You're Being Dramatic He Will Let You Know

29Whether you're fighting with your girlfriends or you're being too sensitive about a situation, your older brother will be the first to let you know.

You Can Thank Him For Your Thick Skin

30It is pretty hard to offend you since he has been picking on you since day one.

You Knew What Was 'Cool' Before Any Of Your Friends

15You knew the coolest songs, movies, and trends way before any of your friends, and your knowledge impressed them every time!

He Brought You To Rated R Movies Before You Were 17

31Against your parents wishes, of course. But he knew that the age difference between 16 and 17 was no big deal.

He Taught You How To Have A Sense Of Humor

33Your friends love how witty you are, but little do they know you owe your funny personality to your older brother.

You Have An Army Of Older Boys Who Look Out For You

34Your older brother's friends have become your older brothers, too. If anyone messes with you, they have his entire crew to deal with!

He Taught You How To Keep A Secret

35Chances are you have witnessed him doing something he shouldn't have been, and even though he bribed you to stay quiet, you learned how to keep a secret.

Which Helped You Learn How To Cover Up Your Tracks

36Witnessing him mess up time and time again taught you how to cover your own tracks.

You Have Two Groups Of Friends

37You always have a group of people to hang with, whether it is your girlfriends or your big bro and his friends, you are never bored.

You Have A Mentor For Life

4Whatever you are going through, chances are your older brother has already gone through it. He will always be there to coach you through life!

He Will Be There At The First Sign Of Trouble

38Is there a guy at the party who is making you uncomfortable? Call your big bro! He will be there before you can say, "as soon as possible."

You Can Thank Him For Making You Well-Rounded

39Even though you have a guilty pleasure for watching The Real Housewives, you can play any video game and usually win!

He Taught You To Exude Confidence Like No Other

40No matter your mood, you always appear confident to your friends and coworkers.

You Will Always Be His Baby Sister

41And there is no greater honor than that.