35 Signs You Went To College In A Big City

It was always your dream to be a chic city dweller. You knew you would have to work hard to make it in the concrete jungle, but you didn't realize how far from glamorous it actually was. Share these very real struggles of going to college in the city!

Good Luck Affording Anything


You're surrounded by culture, food, a zillion concerts to chose from--too bad you don't have any money for these things. All yours is going toward rent and overpriced takeout.

You Think Of Squirrels As "Wildlife"


Nature is a limited to parks and the occassional tree. Seeing a squirrel is probably the closest you'll come to "wild" animals in the city--unless you're counting rats, too...

Driving Places Is A Luxury


You never thought you'd miss your car so much. Being able to drive when and where you want without waiting for public transit seems like a distant memory.

You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Public Transit

crowded subway

Is the train ever on time? And if it is there's barely any place to stand. Some days walking seems like the only option.

Mini Cacti Are The Only Plants You Won't Kill


You don't have a lot of space for living things in your apartment so you opt for the smallest thing possible--oh, and the thing that requires the least amount of attention.

You've Learned To Shop For Most Things From Drugstores


You can grocery shop at CVS, Rite Aid, and Duane Reade like a boss. When the drugstore is closer to your apartment than the grocery store you learn to adapt.

You've Wandered The Street Barefoot After A Night Out


Your parents would be seriously concerned if they knew the number of times you ditched your heels and went barefoot. When the sidewalk is uneven you feel a lot safer without shoes than with them on.

Sororities And Fraternities Are The Minority On Campus


You don't really get the appeal of Greek life. Sure they're on campus but they're definitely not the only way to enjoy the real party scene on campus.

Your Sidewalk Rage Is Real. Very Real.


Tourists, old people, those struggling to wake up en route to an 8 a.m... these people enrage you with their slow walk. You have places to go!

You Thought Your Tinder Options Would Be A Lot Better


You thought being in a huge city would open your world to thousands of dreamy options on Tinder. Nope. Turns out creeps are everywhere--and they're all dying to meet you.

You Long To Have a Pet


Every time you see someone walking their dog in the park you get super homesick. You wish you could bring your family dog to your apartment but there's no way Sparky could survive in your studio.

You Dream Of Being Able To Afford An Apartment Alone


If you're not living in a tiny apartment your parents are helping you afford, you're subject to roommates--most of which you met because they responded to your Craigslist ad. It'd be nice if you could afford a place on your own, but this is a distant dream.

Or One That Has Enough Room To Walk


You long for a place that has enough space you don't have to shimmy to get to bed in.

You Develop Relationships With The Homeless Guys Around Campus


Homeless people may have freaked you out at first, but now you know they're harmless. You may even share leftovers with the guy that hangs out front of 7/11 on occasion.

Bar And Club Promoters Plague Your Phone


You went to a trendy bar ONE time and mistakenly gave your number to a promoter in order to score more Jell-O shots. Now, your inbox and text messages are a total disaster Thursday-Sunday.

Your Attempts At Grocery Shopping Are Total Fails

grocery fail

Grocery shopping is a luxury. You either live too far away, or are too poor to afford the crazy markups on food in the city. Plus, how many times have you attempted to go shopping and bought too much stuff? See above for the result.

You Spend Most Of Your Money On GrubHub Orders


GrubHub is a godsend. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-bar meals--it's like the world is in your hands.

Chinese Food > Another Bar At 2 a.m.

chinese food

No evening is complete without chicken and broccoli and cheesesteak rolls from a crappy Chinese place. You don't know why it's open till 4 a.m. but you're thankful.

You Can Sleep Through Sirens


The sound of police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances lulls you to sleep at night. At first this may have made you wonder what's going on outside, but now it's just white noise.

Construction Noises/Inconveniences Are Just Part Of Your Morning Routine

sidewalk losed

On campus, or off, there is ALWAYS construction in the city. You'd like to think you've learned how to dodge closures and avoid the noise, but as soon as you figure it out the "zone" moves.

You Live For Days A Professor Is Late Because Of The Train


There's a 15-minute window for professors to get to class before you can assume it's cancelled. When a professor is late it's like a snow day--and you celebrate by ditching class the rest of the day.

You Refuse To Do Touristy Things


You live here now, you hate tourists.

You Haven't Been To Most Any Landmark Parts Of Your City


Part of the reason you wanted to go to school here was to see the sights and soak up the culture. But between classes, papers, finals and the trek across town you're not really up for the adventure. Cue Netflix, please.

The Sidewalk/Walk To Your Destination Dictates Your Shoe Choice


Sidewalks are lethal to shoes (and your ankles). You've given up on heels most nights and opted for flats and/or Converse. It's just safer.

You Don't Understand Snow Panic

snowboarder-on NYC-streets-today-160125

While everyone is freaking out about snow, you're stocking up on wine and sledding down the street. Most bars are still open so this is your time to enjoy life while the rest of the world panics.

You Tell Friends To Come Visit But They Never Do


You live in what you consider to be the epicenter of fun. Why is no one visiting? Maybe it's the fact your apartment is painfully small and you have $0.

There's A Distinct Group Of People That Are Effortlessly Chic All. The. Time.


You had high expectations that this would be you. But, after realizing it takes more than 15 minutes to pull this off you've reverted to sweatpants.

Football Games Are Laughable


Tailgating for a football game isn't really a thing for city schools. Maybe we'll go to a basketball game... maybe.

You Have No Sense Of Hometown Pride Because The City Is Your Home Now


You know how to ride the subway, and your hatred for tourists makes you feel like you belong--these aren't the only things that make you feel like the city is your hometown but it's definitely your defining moments.

You Dread The Day You Have To Pay Rent On Your Own


Better start saving now. If you want to keep living your dream in the city there will be a time post-grad your parents stop helping on rent. And when they do, you'll have to make some serious lifestyle changes... bye shoes!

You've Gone Through Several "Phases" Throughout Schoolpink-hair

Long hair, short hair, pink hair, blonde hair... The list goes on and on. You're surrounded by fashion in the city and this is your time to take risks!

But You'd Never Be Caught Dead As A Republican


Seeing college republican at a city school is a rare occasion.

You Applied To Work At Urban Outfitters/American Apparel


Was there any place cooler freshman year? Not to you, which is why you applied over and over hoping for a chance to fold clothes and get an employee discount.

You Have Fleeting Moments Dreaming Of Life On A Farm


Days when the streets smell like trash and there's puddles of murky water you dream of living life on a quiet farm surrounded by nature. Ah, bliss.

But Then You Look Out Your Window

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.37.41 PM

Is there anything cooler than a city skyline at night? Nope. This is your kingdom and views like this are what make all the pains worth it!