Exercise Expert Lists The Top At-Home Workout Mistakes

Amanda Bisk, a well-known exercise physiologist and personal trainer, is all for people working out at home to stay fit. She is also aware that there is a greater risk of getting injured, depending on the type of workout and the lack of access to safety and form tips from professional trainers. More so, it could be easy to fall out of a routine if there’s nobody there to hold you accountable.

Bisk says that there are a lot of mistakes that people often make while exercising at home. These may include going through the motions, not understanding the focus of your workout, lack of variety, becoming distracted, working out in the wrong space, not doing full reps, not doing enough back exercises, and failing to stick to a routine.

Bisk offers different advice for ways to avoid these common mistakes, suggesting that to make sure you’re completing full reps of exercises, you should into a different source of motivation. You can also follow through with different workouts online that will explain how to do each move correctly and help provide a focused workout. Bisk highlights the importance of verifying that the online workouts you follow are made by verified professionals.

She also stresses that it is important to know if the workout you are completing is for “strength, fitness, or skill.” For strength-based workouts, it is important to do slower, more controlled movements, so you can add weight.

“You want more rest when you’re doing a strength workout because you want to make sure you have maximal muscle contraction when you do your reps.”

For a cardio or fitness-based workout, it’s important to move at a quicker pace. For skill, move with control as you begin to perfect different exercises.

Bisk also recommends doing balancing moves such as push-ups, planks, and burpees that help work the chest with back exercises.