Drew Barrymore's Squad Climbing A Mountain Is What Friendship Should Be

Celebrities have awesome lives, no question about that. But Drew Barrymore and her squad are more than the typical celebrity clique -- they are real squad goals.

Drew Barrymore wants women to put down the wine, get off the couch, and do something adventurous with their gal pals! The actress and mother of two shared a heartwarming Instagram photo featuring her with her best friends for life Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicole Richie.


"#peopleilove hold onto those you love and climb a mountain together. The women in my life are doers," Barrymore captioned the photo. "That can be anything from life, work and physical capability. Zest if you will. I follow my friends. And when I am most in need, I hold on tighter. But it is when they need me... I know I have done something right. To earn their trust. Love your friends. Share kindness. Hold onto moments and most of all... MAKE MORE PLANS!!!!!!!!!"

Barrymore and Diaz have been friends since Charlie's Angels and Drew isn't shy to boast about how loyal, fierce, and fun her friend is. This squad is one to admire!

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