Dog Owner Wakes Up Dog In the Most Adorable Way

Adien Mann knew as soon as he met the Australian shepherd Plum, he just had to adopt her.

Though Plum is deaf and blind, Adien and his other dog Lola knew they could give her a loving home that she deserved. Unfortunately, Aiden began having difficulty waking up Plum from her naps without scaring her. Touching Plum to wake her up often scared her too much and left her disoriented--even snacks on her nose didn’t do the trick. Eventually, Aiden was able to find a way to awaken that worked. Now, a video of the two is melting hearts all over the internet.

Adien uploaded the video to TikTok that shows a very sleepy Plum. Adien simply begins to blow on her nose, causing Plum to wake up and instantly and search for Aiden for some post-nap pets.

He wrote, “Then she wants all the love. Daddy’s here and always will be.”

The video has gained millions of views.

One commenter wrote, “Not being dramatic, but I would die for that dog.” Adien responded, “You and I both.”

“The biggest struggle was probably learning to communicate and learning what works and doesn’t. It took a little for her to memorize the house, get used to the way things were set up, and get used to the way we did things. Her and Lola got along right away and Lola quickly became her ‘safety blanket,’” Aiden said.