Crayola Releases New Line of Masks For Children

Amid growing concerns of a second wave of COVID-19, pediatricians are still recommending that schools should reopen across the country in the fall. Parents are worried about how to keep their children safe, even with social distancing in place at schools, it is vital to make sure your children are equipped with multiple masks throughout the week.

Crayola is entering the masks game by releasing a line of breathable cloth masks made especially for kids. Called the “School Mask Packs,” because they come in packs of five, which means your kids will have a new stylish mask for each day of the week. The pack also includes a convenient mesh laundry bag to make cleaning them a breeze.

Crayola has also released a line of masks for teens and adults, making sure that the whole family is equipped with the latest and greatest in maskwear. The masks are available on Crayola’s website for preorder and you can expect to have them by August.