Amy Schumer Is The Queen Of Confidence In Her Latest Instagram Post

If there was ever a woman to look up to for body positivity, it's Amy Schumer.

The outspoken celebrity is constantly voicing her opinions no matter the context, but her biggest stance circles around loving your body just the way it is.

Schumer recently took to Instagram to post a sizzling selfie while wearing a fitted dress. "Today's look," she wrote. "You can be sick and not be a size 2 and still feel great about yourself!"

She then posted a zoomed in version of the photo which focused on her belly. "Solution areas!" she wrote. "Try and only be kind to yourself today. Love yourself like you're your own mother."

Schumer is good at turning the other cheek when it comes to negative comments regarding her body, which is why it's so easy for her followers to join her in changing the unrealistic body standards that are rammed down our throats.

It never hurt anyone to love more and hate less!

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