7 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall (PSL Not Included)

With fall comes the satisfying crunch of leaves, the rosy pink in cheeks, and the dusting off of leggings and beloved flannels. But while the majority of us are excited to rush to buy the first pumpkin spice latte of the season and bury ourselves underneath a cozy mountain of blankets, there are other more slightly overlooked reasons to be excited that summer is behind us. Below are 7 reasons to get excited it’s finally fall!

The Short Shorts Can Be Retired


We’re going to start this list off with what everyone’s thinking: Put the razors down ladies, because tights weather is upon us! Now I’m not saying we’re all going to become yetis just because the leaves are turning yellow (we so are), but it’s nice to know you know have the option to skip a wax day….or five.

Sweater Weather Equals Donut Weather


All I’m saying is that it’s no coincidence fall silhouettes have a penchant for being baggy and shapeless. It’s the fashion world’s equivalent of packing up during August and heading to the mountains for vacation: Put down the kale salads my dears and pick up the donut holes. We’re on vacation.

The Smell Of Cinnamon And Cider Will Be Everywhere


Whether you’re in your friend’s kitchen or strolling down a busy city street in the middle of the afternoon, the smell of cinnamon and cider is just going to be straight up everywhere. Bakeries will forget other ingredients exist, stores will set up diffusers to make you suspicious they’re brewing a vat of cider in the break room, beers will begin tasting like apple juice, and you’ll go as far as buying shampoos and lotions that can moonlight as cinnamon butter. And not one of us will be found complaining about it.

Candy Will Be Sold By The Metric Tons


Halloween is right around the corner, and while that means DIY costumes and cemetery showings of Hocus Pocus, that also means getting to buy five pounds of Butterfingers and not be judged for it by the cashier. You’re just buying it for all the cute trick-or-treaters…that are going to visit your apartment complex…that sits right above a bar…alright, no one needs you to explain, don’t blow our cover. Just keep your eyes down and move it along on the conveyor belt.

It’s Hoodie Stealing Season


Finally! Now that it’s getting nippy out you have a chance to beef up your hoodie collection. And you have quite the curation. All you have to do is visit one your buddy’s apartments, come ill prepared for that brisk weather we’ve been having, and make brrr noises while looking him dead in the eye. He won’t be happy about it but he’ll feel obligated to hand over his cozy, perfectly broken-in hoodie, and that’s when you make your escape.

Coffee Dates Will Become A Thing Again


Who doesn’t love snuggling up in a cozy coffee house, holding a warm cuppa in your hand as you split a pecan brownie with your friend? Now that the wind outside has more of a bite, everyone’s in the mood to sit somewhere dusty and hushed, keeping warm with teas and foamy coffees. Which, quite frankly, is a godsend seeing how a cup of tea is two dollars and those fizzy martinis clock in at twelve. Yay for fall!



Is there anything more glorious than heavy knit layers? The more you pile on the more stylish you seem to become. You can probably just throw your down comforter around your shoulders, belt it, and pretend you’re a shivering Olsen twin and all your friends will ask you where you got your amazing cardigan. God bless this season.