21 Emotional Stages You Experience When You Spend Thanksgiving Alone

If you think being home for the holidays is rough, try not being home when it's time to carve that turkey. A funny thing happens when you're miles and miles away from your family on Turkey Day: You miss their bickering, suffer without the comfort of your mom's cooking, and long for company--you'd even welcome annoying prods into your personal life for the sake of having someone to talk to.

It's not easy being alone on the holidays, and Thanksgiving is prime lonely time if you can't afford a ticket back home. You're not alone. Order takeout, snuggle into your PJs and scroll through our list of 21 things that make solo Thanksgivings tougher than overcooked turkey.

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You'll Probably Start Your Day Eating Chinese Food

In the same t-shirt you got out of bed in, while flipping through an endless array of Thanksgiving specials on cable TV. Moments like these make you miss your mom.

Realizing Everyone Else Is With Their Families

You can't convince your friends out to meet you for a drink because they're currently in a food coma and arguing with their siblings, and your SO is doing the same, just possibly in a different state. It's just you, bae.

So You Try To Make Your Own Holiday Dinner

And just end up with cranberry sauce in a bowl, still holding the shape of the tin can it came out of.

Then You Realize You Can't Eat Your Body Weight In Food

Unless it's in the form of Ramen noodles or queso dip, and who wants to do that?

You Long For Your Mom's World Famous ___

Whether it's candied yams or the most amazing stuffing any mortal will ever eat, you won't get to have any part in it. And that's when the craving becomes tenfold.

You Can't Taunt Your Mom With Your New Haircut

Because watching her reaction when you showed her you shaved the underside of your hair is half the fun of trying it out. Maybe if you somehow FaceTime her you can get some satisfaction.

You Can't Brag About Your Life Achievements

While being at home means your uncle will ask you how that philosophy degree is working out for you, not being at home means you can't relish in all the things you did accomplish this year. Because there has to be at least one amazing thing, and you need this chance to feel awesome about it.

You Become Aware Of Just How Poor You Are

Really? You couldn't afford a $200 ticket to go back home? God, maybe that philosophy degree was a bad idea...

You Join The Other Loners At The Bar

And it seems a little too sad for comfort. You feel like an estranged husband sitting on that squeaky bar stool. You rather just leave and pick up another order of Chinese.

Then You See Everyone's Instagram Game

Pumpkin pies and mouth-watering turkeys begin to take over your feed, as well as chubby-cheeked nieces and wildly laughing cousins... and you begin to feel homesick all over again.

You Almost Burn Down Your Apartment Attempting To Cook Again

You can't stand the sweet potato cravings anymore, so you try to make that whole brown sugar marshmallow concoction your aunt is so good at.... and it looks like it went through Chernobyl when you take it out of the oven. Defeated, you throw it out in the trash, pan and all.

You Get Choked Up Remembering You Won't Get To See Your Dog

Roy is probably sitting next to the door right now, pawing at it and waiting for you to come through. Oh my God, I can't. Can't think about it.

It Hits You That You Have No Real Excuse To Wear Sweatpants, Other Than You're Lonely

You earn that sweatpants right after eating a massive turkey dinner, you earn it. But now? You're just wearing your biggest, baggiest pair because you're sad. That just makes the whole situation feel that much more lonely.

Leftovers Are Now A Distant Dream

Ugh, this was supposed to be the week you had a break from grocery bills and got taken out to a nice restaurant where the wine didn't cost the same as a cup of coffee. Back to clipping coupons I guess.

Not Having A Real Sized TV To Watch The Macy's Day Parade Is A Harsh Blow

Or not having a TV at all and trying to frantically find a website to stream it from.

You Can't Catch Up With Your Childhood Friends And Show Them How Amazing You Are

You have so many updates! You were going to talk about your apartment in the city and your sophisticated lifestyle and really ham it up. Now you have to wait till Christmas to pass along those lies, sigh.

You're Missing Out On All The Free Booze

The good wine is probably uncorked and breathing, the vodka cocktails are flowing freely by now, dad cracked open the "good" scotch. Meanwhile, you're sitting here with a case of PBR you don't even want to touch because ew.

You Get Tempted To Try Out Your Pinterest Craft Board

And end up having to cut off a piece of your hair because you somehow got super glue in it. Just... back away from the laptop, slowly.

It's A Little Soul-Crushing That No One's Answering Your Texts

Because they're too busy arguing with their family, defending their significant others, and eating amazing food. Who has the time to keep you company? Instead you go cry into a pillow.

Even The Corner Pizza Place Closes Early

Because apparently they all have families they get to. Pfft, that's no way to run a successful business.

You're About To Give Up, When You Get A FaceTime From Your Whole Family

And seeing their annoying faces makes your heart melt a little. They're the best, and man do you miss them.