20 Signs You Spent Your Summers In Ocean City, New Jersey

The real Ocean City isn't found in Maryland. It's a 10-mile stretch of family fun located in the great state of New Jersey. If you spent your vacation "down the shore" in the Ocean City, you'll understand.

Your Trip Started At The Circle

Before you head onto the island, every shore goer wraps around the circle at Route 52 to grab a bite at the Point Diner or stock up on some beverages at Circle Liquor.

The Sights, Sounds, And Smells Of The 9th Street Bridge Are Heavenly

If you’re staying below 34th St. then you always enter from the infamous 9th Street bridge. It’s finally revamped and the fluorescent beams now light your way to the island. Nothing compares to the smell of the bay and the sweet sounds of your wheels rolling over the bridge.

Breakfast Must Be Sticky And Covered In Mallon’s Raisins

Ocean City is filled with tons of sugary sweets and the best place to go in the morning is Mallon’s Sticky Buns. Whether you’re picking up a box with nuts or with raisins, you better get there early because they’re all gone before brunch.

Boardwalk Surrey Rides Are A Dangerous Family Affair

Watch your step! When you walk on the boardwalk in the morning you’re ready to dodge dozens of surrey speedsters. They're packed with kids and they play chicken with bikes all morning long.

Lines At Manco And Manco Are Well Worth The Wait

You will always think of this famous pizza spot as Mack & Mancos. But, the name doesn’t matter to you because you’ll wait in line for that hot and saucy slice for hours.

Mr. Taffy Is Always Greeted With A High-Five Or Quick Picture

Mr. Taffy always greets you before you head into Shriver’s to buy your favorite salt-water treat. It’s tough to leave this magical place without checking out how they make their signature taffy in the back kitchen.

Rainy Days Are Spent Inside Strand 5 Movie Theater

You love every inch of this small town theater. It doesn’t have the latest and greatest IMAX screens, but it gives you the movie experience you need on that rainy day in June.

The Double Shot Is A Right Of Passage

It shoots you up and slams you down. The Double Shot is the scary right of passage when you’re walking the boardwalk as a brave teen.

Mini Golf Is A Professional Sport At Congo Falls

Congo Falls is the place to be for competitive mini golfers. The jungle music is always bumping and the signature Gorilla is blowing out smoke every second. Summer wouldn’t be the same without a fierce game of put-put at this OC favorite.

Gillian’s Wonderland Bear Is Your Summer Mascot

As a child, you knew you were ready for some fun when you looked up at this massive bear. He marked the place where you would tackle the tilt-a-whirl or jump into a falling log flume to grab a hilarious picture.

The Surf Mall Is The Place To Be When You’re Sixteen

Black light decor, bracelets, and amazing bedroom posters create this ultimate teen hangout spot. If you’re an Ocean City beach bum then you spent hours searching this crazy spot for the perfect t-shirt or seashell necklace.

Hoy’s 5 & 10 Is The Home Of Your Beach Day Fun

You can find anything you need for the beach at this convenient and affordable shore spot. Whether you’re shopping for a new towel or a kite to fly, you’ll save a buck by going to Hoy’s.

Blitz’s Beats Out Wawa Every Time

Blitz’s Market is always the best spot to grab a quick hoagie to take to the beach. Everyone loves Wawa, but when you’re at the shore you head to Blitz’s for their family style service.

The 7th Street Surf Shop Supplies All Your Summer Gear

If you want to take a surfing lesson or grab a new bathing suit, then you have to talk to the guys at 7th Street Surf Shop. The entire island looks to them for surfing advice and they always deliver.

On Really Hot Days You Head To Gillian’s Water Park

You always head to Gillian’s Water Park when the beach heat starts to get to you. If you’re a true OC goer, then some of your best childhood memories are standing under the Mushroom Water Fall or zipping down Shotgun Falls.

You’re Always Prepared For A Boardwalk Seagull Battle

When you’re eating a piece of Monkey Bread or funnel cake you’re always ready for a flock of seagulls to come soaring down. Ocean City boardwalk goers have mastered the art of covering their food while window-shopping.

The Pink Port-O-Call And Music Pier Are Your Boardwalk Markers

When you’re walking on the boardwalk you can always see the giant Pink Port-O-Call and the music pier. If you’re a true OC vacationer then you use these two landmarks to know when your boardwalk experience is just starting and when its about to end.

Custard Dreams Come True At Kohr Bros.

You can never miss the big and blue sign for Kohr Bros frozen custard. When you want something tasty and cold to cool you down you always go to this spot for a chocolate and vanilla swirl.

Nights In Venice Is Your Favorite Bay Event

July is the best time of the year to watch Ocean City’s boats sport their bright sails on the back bay. True Ocean City vacationers never miss this colorful parade.

The Party Doesn’t End When The Lifeguards Leave

The lifeguards start to pack up at 5:00 p.m. but that doesn’t mean the beach day is over. Ocean City families love this time of night when they can grab a sweatshirt and play some beach football or fly a kite in the sunset.