16 Vintage Photos That Will Make You Wish You Dated Before Tinder Was A Thing

Most of us can’t fathom the thought of going a day without our cell phones – that means you’d have to actually speak to one another, capture moments with a real camera, and meet a guy at the store or at work. We wouldn’t be able to swipe right or left to accept or decline prospective dates. Yikes.

It is hard to wrap our minds around the fact that there was once a time without Snapchat, texting, and email, but it was wonderful. Couples went to drive-ins instead of overindulging on Netflix, and they shared milkshakes instead of photos. Both generations have pros and cons when it comes to the dating style, but looking at these 16 vintage photos will give you nostalgia for a generation you weren’t even a part of.

Where There Was Music, There Was Dancing

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Drive-Ins Were The Best Way To Watch A Movie


Milkshake Dates Were A Regular Thing


They Had To Say Goodbye At The End Of The Night


Couples Double Dated On Picnics


Vacationing At The Beach Was A Summer Favorite

Long Car Rides To Nowhere Were A Friday Night "Must"

Two teenage couples riding in a car while on a date


Couples Played Games Together - Go Fish, Anyone?

Ball And Arnaz


Couples Were Active Together - Staying Indoors Was Not An Option


Horseback Riding Was A Beautiful Way To Spend An Afternoon


There Was No "Facebook Official" - They Got Pinned!


Bike Riding On A Sunday Morning Was Always A Good Date Idea


There Was No Downloading Music. Couples Bought And Listened To Records Together



Men Serenaded Their Ladies


Ending The Date At A 24 Hour Diner Was Assumed



Guys Called The Next Day