15 Monstrous DIY and Pinterest Fails To Brighten Up Your Day

When we see a fun craft or recipe on Pinterest, we all think the same thing, “I can totally make that.” Before you know it, you've gathered up all the right tools and ingredients for that perfect Pinterest look. Then, midway through your attempt at DIY magic, you start to notice that something just isn't adding up. Somewhere along the lines, your dream project fell into the Pinterest fail category.

Remember that every time you fail at a Pinterest project there are thousands of people just like you out there. Take a look at some of these hilarious Pinterest fails to remind you that you may not be the worst DIYer in the world.

Toy Story Birthday Gone Wrong

They Almost Got The Color Right

When Pinterest Is Dangerous

The Marshmallows Make It A Little Better

What No Matching Outfits?

Breakfast Of Champions

The Baker Was Definitely Sour

Get Me Out of This Thing!

Saddest Duckies At The Party

Almost Every Color In The Rainbow

Minion Melt Down

Wrong Glue?

Art Class Fail

A Broken Heart

Christmas Miracle Fail